Why Socialize

Human beings need to socialize and interact in small and large groups. We have no idea when the world will get back to normal, but even when it does, we believe the trend towards virtual networking events will continue. We want to be part of this new norm and help everyone network in real-time, virtually, and with the best experience possible.

A virtual event platform

Don’t waste anymore time studying how to convert your in-person event to virtual. Socialize is an easy-to-use platform that handles networking, announcements, sponsors, and more.

Turn boring virtual events into a fun experience

We believe that socializing and networking should not be stiff, rigid or planned. Connect with whoever you want, anytime you want; complete freedom and zero hustle. That’s where the real magic happens (and it’s fun!)

Best networking experience

Experience the best networking tool available with impromptu video-chats in large or small groups and 1-on-1.

Save $$

Save money and go virtual. Now you can replicate the great human connections between attendees, sponsors, and speakers at your in-person events, but virtually, for a fraction of the cost.

Increase sponsorship ROI

With Socialize, sponsors have an excellent interaction with the audience through video-chats, opening up the possibilities for games, giveaways, and more. The natural result is a higher ROI.

Startup mentoring made easy

Incubating startups need to have quick and easy access to resources like mentors and advisors. Increase networking and accessibility between founders and mentors with Socialize “office hours”.

Built for you

One platform, all you need

Event Organizer

  • Provide a fun, easy-to-use, and effective experience for your audience
  • Increase your reach and have more people attend your events
  • Invite attendees from all over the world without the complex logistics
  • Lower your event’s cost
  • Increase your ROI
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Webinar Organizer

  • Have conversations with your audience
  • Increase qualified leads per event by networking with attendees
  • Increase your ROI
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Incubators / Accelerators

  • Ability to network in real-time, virtually
  • Create “office hours” to increase accessibility
  • Increase communication between founders and human resources
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Simple & Powerful

We create the best ...

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Photo of Caroline Griffin, Director of Operations at RIoT.
""If you are looking for a virtual event platform that is fun, easy, and has fantastic networking features - look no further!
I highly recommend Socialize to anyone looking for a virtual platform to host their next event."
Caroline Griffin, Director of Operations, RIoT
"I really enjoyed Socialize. I feel like I went to a networking event this morning for the first time in months 😎"
Amber Victoria